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Spiritual Guidance in Bayonne, New Jersey

Through the powerful healing of prayer and motivation, Psychic Loretta, in Bayonne, New Jersey, offers spiritual guidance to assist you through times of difficulties.

Tarot Card Readings
With personalized
tarot card readings we provide you with answers regarding personal situations and issues. With these readings, we determine the outcome of various events in your life. To enhance your comfort, we offer in-home readings and readings for special occasions and parties.

Spiritual Guidance & Help
Psychic Loretta provides spiritual guidance for all areas of your life through powerful prayers, candle burning and motivation. Spiritual guidance is designed to assist with:

• Bad Luck          • Repeated Mistakes          • Family Issues         

• Depression       • Reunites Loved Ones

As a specialist in spiritual cleansing, we can assist those who are struggling to find true love, and those seeking positive solutions. Additionally, we offer chakra readings, candle burnings and good luck amulets.

Psychic Astrologer
As a professional psychic astrologer, Psychic Loretta uses psychic intuition to feel your every emotion and thought. For more detailed information, Psychic Loretta utilizes your astrological sign to provide you with a reading of your life. 

Dream Interpretations
Through your subconscious and dream state, there is much to be learned about your waking life. By providing details of your dreams, we can provide you with answers as to how they relate to your life.


If you've recently lost a loved one, Psychic Loretta can provide you with peace of mind. Psychic Loretta utilizes a spiritual psychic energy to pick up messages from the deceased. Out of respect for the dead, we never disturb a spirit unintentionally.